1 Shehara agrees to observe the following terms:

1.1  Shehara shall make available the track/tracks provided by the Artist/Band for sale only after the Artist’s/Band’s consent is given and this agreement is signed by the Artist/all members in the Band or authorized representative of the Band.

1.2  Shehara shall sell the track/tracks provided for a flat fee of LKR 180 per track.

1.3  Shehara shall only sell the Artist’s/Band’s tracks via

1.4  Shehara shall create an Artist/Band Page and upload a maximum of 10 product sections to make the track/ tracks available for sale on the website.

1.5  All tracks will be made available for purchase via VISA, MASTER, AMEX, EZ CASH, M CASH, SAMPATH VISHWA, DFCC WALLET, by LKR or USD (depending on the purchaser’s choice).

1.6  Shehara shall settle Artist/Band payments on the 7th day of the following month from the month in which sales were made. (ie, all sales from January 1st – 31st will be paid to the Artist’s/Authorized Representative of the Band’s bank account on the 7th of February).

1.7  Shehara shall provide the Artist/Band detailed reports of their sales via e-mail on the same day the payment will be made (The 7th day of the following month). Sales reports will not be mailed if the Artist/Band has not made any sales during the month.

1.8  Shehara will retain 25% of the sales made for Transaction processing fee and commission.

1.9  Shehara shall make available the track/tracks by the Artist name/Band name and in alphabetical order.

1.10  This agreement shall not constitute an assignment of any copyright by the Artist/Band. For avoidance of doubt the copyright in the said track/tracks are retained by the Artist/Band.

2 The Artist/Band agrees to observe the following terms:

2.1  Completion of the Artist/Band Application Form is mandatory.

2.2  The Artist/Band shall supply all relevant information, files and documents, as well as the details of an account maintained at a licensed bank in Sri Lanka to Shehara at the time of the execution of this Agreement.
– Copy of National Identity Card – Wav file or MP3 of the track/ tracks offered for sale
– Artist/Band logo in amendable format (AI/ PSD/ PDF) – High resolution Track Artwork.
– High Resolution Band Photograph

2.3  The Artist/ Band shall pay the one time registration fee of LKR 2,500/- for creation of an Artist/Band Page and a maximum of 10 product sections to make the track/ tracks available for sale on the website.

2.4  The Artist/Band shall pay a one time fee of LKR 500 per track thereafter or LKR 1,500 per album for tracks exceeding the first 10.

2.5  The Artist/Band agrees to obtain 75% of the value of each track sold.

3 Account Terms:

3.1  The Artist/Authorized Representative of the Band should have attained the age of maturity according to the laws of Sri Lanka.

3.2  Shehara will use the email address the Artist/ Band provided as the primary method for communication.

3.3  The Artist/ Band is responsible for the quality of all content such as audio files, photos, images, graphics, and written content provided to Shehara.

3.4  A breach or violation or non-observance of any term in the agreement, shall result in an immediate termination of this agreement.

3.5  Cancellation of this agreement is the sole responsibility of the Artist/Band. Shehara will
only remove all content related to the Artist/Band from the website and settle all due payments as stated in section 1.5 upon receiving written consent from the Artist/Band Representative of cancellation of services.

3.6 By clicking and ticking the ‘I accept’ check box, the Artist/Authorised Representative of the Band on behalf of the said Band expressly acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and taken steps to thoughtfully consider the consequences of this Agreement and the Artist/Authorised Representative of the Band is legally competent to enter into this Agreement with Shehara.

Terms and Conditions for Customers of this website

The following terms and conditions (the “Terms of Use”) govern your use of the websites and mobile-optimized versions of the websites to which these Terms of Use are linked and which are owned or operated by Shehara.

The term “Websites” includes all subdomains of Websites and any content, code, data, services, features or functionality made available from or through the Websites. We may change the Terms of Use from time to time, at any time without notice to you, by posting such changes on the Websites. Changes in the Terms of Use will be effective when posted and your continued use of the Websites and/or the services made available on or through the Websites after any changes to the Terms of Use are posted will be considered acceptance of those changes. BY USING THE WEBSITES, YOU ACCEPT AND AGREE TO THESE TERMS OF USE AS APPLIED TO YOUR USE OF THE WEBSITES, AND YOU REPRESENT AND WARRANT THAT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT, AUTHORITY AND CAPACITY TO ENTER INTO THIS AGREEMENT ON BEHALF OF YOURSELF OR THE ENTITY YOU REPRESENT. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, you may not access or otherwise use the Websites.


Each Track is sold for LKR 180. No less and no more than that, unless an Artist/Band requests for a promotional coupon code for a limited period of time.

Once a track is bought by a customer, the digital file can be downloaded only once. Customers are advised to save the file carefully and not misplace it.

Shehara or the Artist/Band will not be held responsible or liable for the misplacement of purchased and downloaded tracks and no extra links will be sent in an event of track misplacement.

A refund will not be granted for purchased tracks.

Intellectual Property Rights contains original work and music that has been created with creativity, originality, dedication and a lot of hard work. This collection of work is considered intellectual property created and owned by Shehara and the Artists & Bands who have given consent to Shehara to sell their Music on their behalf and is protected under Intellectual Property Laws, which prevent unauthorised use of our materials. These materials may include, but are not limited to: original music and their copyrights, images, logos, website design, layout, photographs, graphics, words, content, information, documents, data, artwork, colour scheme, branding, as well as source code, databases, functionality, software, audio content, visual content, text content, to the extent protectable, and any and all other information accessible through which constitutes proprietary information.

You understand and acknowledge you will likely be in violation of these Intellectual Property laws should you copy, repost, alter, publish, sell, assist others in selling, manipulate, distribute, or in any way exploit any of the content or intellectual property on the Website, without our express written consent. If such behaviour is discovered or suspected, we reserve the right to prosecute any actionable infringement or misuse to the full extent of the law.

Good Vibes

‘Good Vibes Only’ doesn’t mean we’re crazy biased about the content of your Originals.

It merely means that the owner of Shehara firmly believes that in order for the Local Music scene to keep growing, WE need to support our Bands & Artists with every bit of Good Energy we have. While we are all fans of International Music, let’s also remember that supporting Local Music is greater! This site offers you Good Vibes Only in return.

So, if you have any issues about our terminology, feel free to drop us a message via the Contact page. OR if you totally agree with Shehara, you know you shouldn’t be here right now. You should be on our Home page, buying tracks from our Local Musicians!